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Meanings of Ethiopian Boys   names
Abel A Breath Amharic
Dagim Again
Dagmawi Again or Second Time Amharic
Elshaday Almighty God Biblical
Gabra ~ Gebre An Offering Amharic/Tigrinya
Nahom ~ Nahome An Old Testament Prophet or Compassionate Amharic/Biblical
Nahum An Old Testament Prophet or Compassionate Amharic/Biblical
Endale As He Said Amharic
Samuel Asked Or Prayed For Amharic/Biblical
Meherka Astonished or Impressed Ge’es
Meseret Base
Tilahun Be A Shadow or Guard Amharic
Tesfahun Be My Hope
Berta Be Strong or Be Vigilant or Persevere Amharic
Daniachew ~ Danichew Be Their Judge or You Be The Judge
Asnake Become Better Than Others Amharic
Teshale Becomes Better
Andenet Being One or Together Amharic
Habibi Beloved Muslim
Benyam ~ Biniyam Benjamin or Son Of My Right Hand Biblical/Amharic
Melkamu Better
Tewolde Birth Amharic/Tigrian
Brook ~ Bruck Blessed Amharic
Bruch ~ Bruk Blessed Amharic
Bereket Blessings Amharic
Anwar Bright Muslim
Biruh Bright
Kile Cain or Son Of Adam Amharic/Biblical
Kaleb ~ Kale’Ab Caleb or The Devoted One Biblical/Amharic/Tigrian
Gulema Child Of Mine Oromo
Noel Christmas French
Ketema City or Town
Shale Clemency
Nataye Come And Be Seen Amharic
Kassa Compensation Amharic
Tadeioes Courageous Amharic/Biblical
Aklilu Crown Amharic
Zewedu Crown Amharic
Teklile Brehane Crown Of Light Ge’es
Dawit David or Beloved Amharic/Biblical
Nega Day Break
Eskinder Defender Of Man Kind Amharic
Iskinder Defender of Mankind Amharic
Demissie ~ Demessie Destroyer
Gedeyon ~ Gedeon Destroyer Amharic/Biblical
Wakeyo Devine Oromigna
Lemuel Devoted To God Amharic/Biblical
Hakim Doctor or Medicine Man Amharic
Etefu Double or Twice Amharic
Mesfin Duke Amharic
Medr Earth or Fertility
Fasika Easter Amharic
Mikias Elias Amharic/Biblical
Elias Elijah and The Lord Is God Amharic/Biblical
Henoke ~ Henoch Enoch or Experienced or Consecrated Amharic/Biblical
Ephram ~ Ephrame Ephraim or Fruitful Amharic/Biblical
Ephrem Ephraim or Fruitful Amharic/Biblical
FekareYessus Ethiopian Christian Name Ge’es
FikreYessus Ethiopian Christian Name Ge’es
Armah Ethiopian Emperor Amharic/Ge’es
Gersem Ethiopian Emperor Amharic/Ge’es
Susenyos Ethiopian Emperor Amharic
Baslios Ethiopian King Amharic
Ezana Ethiopian King Amharic/Tigrian
Fassil Ethiopian King Amharic
Finhas ~ Fineas Ethiopian King Amharic
Galawdeyos Ethiopian King Amharic/Ge’es
Liben Ethiopian King Amharic/Ge’es
Menas Ethiopian King Amharic/Ge’es
Naoed ~ Naod Ethiopian King Amharic
Susnios Ethiopian King Amharic
Noab Ethiopian King or Pleasant Amharic/Ge’es
Aron Exalted Biblical
Abenet Example Amharic
ZereYacob Family Of Jacob Amharic
Abeselome ~ Abesalom Father Is Peace
Abey ~ Abiy Fathers Joy Amharic
Frayzer ~ Frezer Fireseed or Fertile
Mekdem First Amharic
Hassan First Born Muslim
Emerta First Step Towards Something Big or A Clue To Something Good
Gorfu Flood Amharic
Zelalem Forever or Eternal Amharic
Menasse ~ Manasses Forgetful Amharic/Biblical
Dejen Foundation or Pillar Amharic
F’Romsa Friend
Azikiwe Full Of Vigour
Beselot Gained Through Prayer Amharic
Lake Getting Better
Demeke Getting Brighter
Kebede Getting Heavy
Amha Gift Ge’es
Sitotaw Gift Amharic
Senay Gift From Above Ge’es
Rediat Gift From God Amharic
Meba Gift Ge’es
Teodros ~ Gift Of God Amharic/Greek
Tewodros Gift Of God and Theodore Amharic/Greek
AmhaSelassie Gift Of The Trinity
MebaSelassie Gift Of The Trinity
Bogale Glowing or Getting Brighter
Yonatan God Has Given Amharic/Biblical
Ruphael ~ Ruphal ~ Raphel God Has Healed Amharic/Biblical
Ebenezer God Has Helped Us Till Now Biblical
Eleazar God Helped Amharic/Biblical
Yessuf God Increases Muslim
Alazar God Is My Help Amharic/Biblical
Daniel God Is My Judge Amharic/Biblical
Gabriel God Is My Strength Amharic/Biblical
Gebriael ~ Gebreel God Is My Strength Amharic/Biblical
Amanuel ~ Emmanuel God Is With Us
Emanuel God Is With Us Biblical
Eyoel God Prevails
Essayas Gods Helper Amharic/Biblical
Amde Work Golden Column
Moges Grace Amharic
Tsega Grace or Wealth or God’s Grace or Gift From God
Ejigu Grandiose Amharic
Lemma Growing Better Amharic
Fsiha Happiness
Azmera Harvest Amharic
Taye Has Seen or He Has Been Seen Amharic
Teshome He Got Promoted Amharic
Tessema He Has Been Heard or People Listen To Him Amharic
Lema He Has Developed or Cultivated
Dereje He Has Evolved Amharic
Abebe He Has Flowered, Flourished, Grown or Blooming Like A Flower
Bekele He Has Grown or He Has Come Into Being Amharic
Ayele He Has Increased His Power Amharic
Assefa He Has Increased Our Family By Coming Into This World
Teka He Has Replaced Amharic
Melesse He Has Returned Amharic
Melesse He Has Returned or He Has Returned Something Amharic/Tigrinya
Retta He Has Triumphed or He Has Won Amharic
Mulugeta He Is All Lord Amharic
Negash He Is Bound To Be King or He Is Next In Line For The Throne
Trefe ~ Terrfe He Is Spared Amharic
Motuma He Is The Government
Amare He Looks Good or He Is Good Looking Amharic/Tigrian
Asamenew He Made Him Believe Amharic
Adane He Saves Amharic
Rada He Shall Help
Abera He Shines Amharic
Mirtus He Who Has Been Chosen Tigriain
Beca ~ Beka He Who Knows God Oromigna
Negasi He Will Become Royalty or He Will Be Crowned Amharic/Tigrinya
Lebna Heart or Soul Amharic
Kabede Heavy & Strong
Eezkias Hezekiah or God Is My Strength Amharic/Biblical
Wendimu His Brother
Admassu His Horizon Amharic
Amsalu His Image Amharic
Amsalu His Image Amharic
Berehanu ~ His Light Amharic
Brehanu His Light Amharic
Fekadu His Permission Amharic
Hailu  – (Ha-yi-loo) His Power or The Power Amharic
Mitiku His Replacement Amharic
Tariku His Story or His History or He Has A Story To Tell
Alemu His World Amharic
Tarik History Amharic
Tesfa Hope Amharic/Tigrian
Dessalegne I am Happy Amharic
Bezuayehu ~ Bzuayehu I Have Seen A Lot
Alemayehu I Saw The World Amharic
Bazin If I am Sad or When I am Sad Amharic
Ezkeiel Intellect Amharic/Biblical
Yieshak Isaac Amharic/Biblical
Yisake Issac or Laughter Amharic/Biblical
Feleke It Sprang Amharic
Yacobe ~ Yaekob Jacob Amharic/Biblical
Ermias Jeremiah or God Will Uplift Amharic/Biblical
Eyoab Joab Biblical
Eyob Job or Persecuted Amharic/Biblical
Yoel Joel or God Is Willing Amharic/Biblical
Yonas ~ Yona Johan or Dove Amharic/Biblical
Yohans ~ Yohannes John Amharic/Biblical
Yonathan Johnathan Amharic/Biblical
Yosef Joseph or God Is Perfect Amharic/Biblical
Eyasu Joshua or Ruler Of Ethiopia Amharic/Biblical
Iyasu Joshua or Ruler Of Ethiopia Amharic/Biblical
Desta Joy or Happiness
Hagos Joy or Happiness Amharic/Tigrian
Lire Joy or Happiness
Ahungena Just Now Amharic
Tolla Kindness Oromo
Dula King Oromigna
Fassilidas King Of Ethiopia Amharic
Hezekiah King Of Ethiopia Amharic/Biblical
Teodros ~ Tewodros King Of Ethiopia
Teoflyos King Of Ethiopia Amharic/Ge’es
Negus King or Emperor Amharic
Mengesha Kingdom Amharic
Yitbarek ~ Let Him Be Blessed Amharic
YekunoAmlak Let Him Be Good To God Amharic
Yihun Let Him Be or Let It Be Amharic
Beryihun ~ Berihun Let Him Be Our Gate or Our Guidance Amharic/Tigrinya
Yilema Let It Bloom Amharic
Yerga Let It Rest Amharic
Getahun Let You Be Lord Amharic
Lewie Levi or United Amharic/Biblical
Brehan Light
Mamo Little Boy Amharic
Kayin Long Awaited Child
Mesay Look Alike Amharic
Getasew Lord Man Amharic
Theofeleios Loved By God Ge’es /Biblical
Girma Majesty or Grace Amharic
Adamu ~ Adam Man Of The Red Earth Biblical/Amharic
Markos Mark Amharic/Biblical
Mateos Mathew or Gift From God Amharic/Biblical
Matias Mathew or Gift From God Amharic/Biblical
Zalelew May The New Child Grow To Be Powerful & Victorious
Zema Melody
Mihret Mercy or Pardon
Mike Michael or Like The Lord Amharic/Biblical
Tamrat Miracle Amharic
Gedarm ~ Gedam Monstery The Place Where Catholic or Orthodox Monks Live
Mussie ~ Muse Moses or Saved From The Water Amharic/Biblical
Wasie My Bail
Kidane My Covenant
Mignote My Desire Amharic
Tsegaye My Grace Amharic
Tesfaye My Hope Amharic
Melku My Image
Roni My Joy Biblical
Berhane My Light Amharic
Brehane My Light
Mebrete ~ Mebreatu My Light
Fikre My Love or Love Amharic
Geteye My Master Amharic
Tekle My Plant or I Gave My Seed To Him Amharic/Tigrinya
Haile My Power Amharic
Wagaye My Price
Kelile My Protector Amharic
Tegene My Protector Amharic
Abdi My Servant
Kifle My Share Amharic
Natnael Nathaniel or Gift From God Amharic/Biblical
Addis New Amharic
Adisu ~ Addisu New One Amharic
Nohe Noah or Rest Amharic/Biblical
Mekonnen Nobel Amharic
Samson Of The Sun or Bright Sun Amharic/Biblical
Sisay Omen Of Good Things or A Blessing
Belaye On Top Amharic
Gad One Of The 12 Tribes Of God Amharic
Teferi One Who Is Feared By His Rivals or One Who Is Ferocious
Afeworki One Who Speaks Only Of Pleasant Things Tigrian
Afewerek ~ Afework One Who Speaks Only Of Pleasant Things or Golden Mouth
Atatafi One Who Writes Chronicals or One Who Assists In Write Ups
Paulos Paul Amharic/Biblical
Selam Peace
Aman Peace or He Is Looking Good Amharic
Solomon ~ Selemon Peaceful Amharic/Biblical
S’bhat Praise The Lord
Leul ~ Li’ol ~ Leuel Prince Amharic Amharic
Mekuria Proud Of
Zeki ~ Zakiey Pure Muslim
Tadesse Rejuvenate or Renew Amharic
Goliad ~Goliath Revealing Amharic/Biblical
Habtamu Rich or Wealthy Person Amharic
Joshua Ruler Of Ethiopia Amharic/Biblical
Israel ~ Isreal Ruling With The Lord Amharic/Biblical
Adinew Save Him Amharic
Belendia Say It Out Loud or Do It Right Amharic
Frew Seed Amharic
Yared Sent From Heaven and Jared Amharic
Abdimelech Servant To Kings Name of an Ethiopian eunuch who lived in ancient Rome
Melech Servant To Kings Name of an Ethiopian eunuch who lived in ancient Rome
Abal Servant To The King
Abimelech Servant To The King Biblical of an Ethiopian eunuch
Abimelech Servant To The King
Abdikarim Slave Of God
Menielk ~ Menelik Son Of A Wise Man or What Will He Send also Queen of Sheba & King Solomon’s Son
Barnabas Son Of Prophecy Amharic/Biblical
Maren Spare Us Amharic
Beheilu Strength or Power
Amir Strong Muslim/Biblical
Kinde Strong Like An Arm Amharic
Tewfeeq Success Muslim
Jember Sunset
Dejene Support or Back Up or Protecter
Belachew Tell Them or Let Them Know Amharic
Temesgen Thank God or Be Thankful Amharic
Melaku The Angel Amharic
Set ~ Seth The Appointed One Amharic/Biblical
Zeru The Descendants Of One Individual or Lineage
Caleb The Devoted One Biblical/Amharic/Tigrian
Ezera ~ Ezra ~ Esra The Helper
Degu The kind one
Simon The Listener or Obedient Amharic/Biblical
Issa The Messiah Muslim
Masresha The One Who Helped Us To Forget Amharic
LeuelSeged The Prince Who Took A Bow Amharic
Zere The Seed Of or The Descendent Of
Kaleyesus The Word Of Jesus
Getachew Their Master or Leader Amharic
Befikadu Through His Will
Selassie ~ Selassiee Trinity
Thomas ~ Tomas Twin Amharic/Biblical
Neway Wealth Of Spirit Ge’es
Adugna Wealth or World Oromo
Sentayhu What Have I Been Through or What Have I Seen
Mulu Whole Amharic
Mulu Ken Whole Day or Good Day Amharic
Mulualem ~ Mulu Alem Whole World
Atikem Whose Are You Amharic/Oromigna
Ashenafi Winner Amharic
Ashenafi Winner Amharic
Bessufekad ~ Besu F’kad With His Permission
Girum Wonderful
YeAbesera Works Of God Amharic
Alem World Amharic
Biru You Are Birr Ethiopian Currency
Wedu You Are Expensive
Workneh ~ Werkneh You Are Gold
Tiruneh ~ Tirunih You Are Great or You Are Good Amharic
Tamru You Are Miraculous or Miraculous One
Belayneh You Are On Top Amharic
Mengistu You Are The Government
Alem Neh You Are The World Amharic
Cherenebereck You Were Generous (Telling God He Was Generous To Give This Child)
Chernebereck You Were Generous (Telling God He Was Generous To Give This Child)
Wubishet Young/Tender & Gorgeous
Zecharias ~ Zecarias Zachary and God Will Remember or Remembering God
Zecaharias Zachary and God Will Remember or Remembering God


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